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Saturday, July 13, 2013

UPDATE NOTICE (13/7/2013)

The Re-formation has begun.

I have deleted all the manga(a separate blog will be created later to host all these) and a couple of tabks that will not be needed anymore.

I have changed the style to smt more neutral(for now)

I have Updated every anime and cartoon post with a Pic of the afforementioned anime/cartoon.

And lastly for now,i have checked every link and updated most of my anime with new episodes
(One Piece(complete),Brave 10(Complete), Most of my spring 2013 anime Complete,Ergo Proxy(new multi links with the better audio version encode of mine) and lots more)

I will take a brake for today and continue tomorrow by adding all my different encodes as of lately(Black Lagoon SD,Black Blood Brothers SD,Persona 4 SD and lots more)

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