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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I know that i haven't been around much lately,nor have i updated any new stuff in centuries but there is a reason for this.

As you may or may not know i am a basketball player and i just had(a few weeks ago) an unpleasant accident while playing.While i was jumbing for a rebound i fell into someone elses foot and i twisted severely my knee.Thankfully the damage wasn't too severe but severe enough that i had to go into surgery(last week) to remove a 2cm piece of bone from my inner knee(that had broken off).

The doc says that i am not to walk (press my foot down) for a couple of months(so i said goodbye to this summer).

Anyway,i was not indle all this time and i have encoded and uploaded tons of stuff(and i am still encoding like crazy).

So when i find the energy (cause as of a few weeks ago i have aaaaall the time in the world) i plan to Update my blog by re-making it from the beginning.

I will see what is still alive and whatever isn't i will re-upload. I will begin by erasing every post i have made and re-post the stuff more detailed and user friendly. I will also try to change the blogs look and finally finish developing it to where i am imagining it.

I plan to start tomorrow or the day after so if you enter and find my blog blanc don't be afraid.
I believe it will be a slow process(but not THAT slow) and that it will take me a few days to finish all this(preferably less than a week)

What i want of you,exept your understanding of the whole situation and process, is an ideapool.
If you have any suggestions or ideas for the  re-designation of the blog or the type of the posts or anything else just tell me(Post here or PM me in MT( if you are a member there.

Thats all for now,

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