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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Request Thread

Here you can Request anything you want from me as long as it is according to the blog theme (Cartoon, Anime, Manga and TV Series (coming soon)) and the following Rules :

1.)  Only One Request per Person
2 ) Your request will be ignored if you request more than one anime,catoon e.t.c
3 ) Once your first request has been finished you may request again. 
4 ) If an anime,cartoon e.t.c is already on the site do NOT request it in a different resolution.

Please leave the required information so that i can fulfill your request:

1. The name of the Anime,cartoon e.t.c
2. The resolution (1080p or 720p or 480p).
  I will try to fulfill your requests as fast and as best as i can.(or my lappy can),but life and studies may intervene so i would appreciate your patience when it does.. So please comment your request below. 
P.S If possible for anime and especially for cartoon i would appreciate it if you could find and post a link for me to dl the source and encode it.

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